Allergen Information

Please see below products containing any allergens :

Sweet and Sour Sauce - Barley, sesame

Chipotle Sauce - egg 

Yogurt and Mint Sauce - milk, egg

BBQ Sauce - barley, soya, wheat, celery 

Tartare Sauce - Mustard


F-KFC - Wheat 

Fish + Chips - Wheat, fish 

Cooked Breakfast - egg, wheat, sulphites, metabisulphate, barley 

Breakfast Wrap - egg, wheat, sulphites, metabisulphate, barley 

Burritos - wheat, barley, mustard 

BBQ Chicken Wrap - wheat, barley, soya, celery 

Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap - wheat, barley 

Chipotle Chicken Wrap - wheat, egg, barley 

Protein options

Beef sliders - mustard 

Turkey sliders - mustard 

Beef chilli - mustard 

Turkey chilli - mustard 

Cajun fish - fish

Salmon - fish 

Halloumi - milk 

Chicken Thighs - barley, soya, wheat, celery 

Quorn - egg 

Carbohydrate Options

Fusilli pasta - wheat

Wholemeal noodles - wheat 

All products may have a trace of nuts/peanuts